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As a Builderall affiliate, you have the ability to earn 100% commissions on your first personal sales. This
is one of the only affiliate programs you will find that offers this type of commission model.

The Builderall affiliate program even offers 30% residual income of the sales price and gives you a 30-
day cookie. this two-tier system is known as Builderall Business. You get to earn commissions on your
sales and on the sales of the people you refer.

Are You Using Builderall for Your Business?

If you ‘are already using Builderall for your business, you know how great this set of tools is for
generating leads. However, Builderall isn’t just a platform to help you rank better on Google, but you
can also become a Builderall affiliate and earn money.

Making this transition can help you earn more money with the Builderall affiliate program. Of course,
you can still use Builderall to rank your business, but you can also use the Builderall affiliate SEO secrets to earn as an affiliate, too.

The best software affiliate program
The best software affiliate program

Understanding the Builderall Affiliate Program Commissions?

The commissions you can earn from the Builderall affiliate program include three different commission options:

  • Personal Sales Commissions – A 100% commission is paid every single time you generate a sale on the first payment from that customer.
  • Personal Sales Recurring Commission – You will also earn a 30% recurring commission on every payment your referred customers make for the lifetime of each customer.
  • 2nd Tier Recurring Commissions – Another way you can earn with the Builderall affiliate program is the 30% commission paid on sales generated by your referred customers.

With these three commission options, as a Builderall affiliate, you can build your income. Since you get to earn residual and second-tier commissions, every single customer you refer can make you quite a bit of money, over time.

You get to withdraw the commissions you earn five days after the payments are made by customers. However, with the personal sales commissions (the 100% commission), you will have to wait 35 days to withdraw these earnings. If you become a qualified affiliate, you will be able to withdraw these commissions 5 days after the payment, too.

What are the Income Possibilities with the Builderall Affiliate Program?

If you become a Builderall affiliate, you can use the tool on the affiliate page to figure out how much you can make. You’ll always make more on the first payment from a personal referral than the recurring payments.

Let’s look at a few examples of what you can earn per sale and from your Builderall affiliate on second-tier commissions.

When you make a sale, you will earn between $16.90 and $87.90 for your 100% personal sales commission. Once you have this customer paying monthly, you will earn 30% of each monthly payment. This range goes from $5.07 to $26.37 per month.

You will also earn 30% on second-tier affiliate sales. So, when someone you have referred makes an affiliate sale, you will also earn the same $5.07 to $26.37 for each of those sales.

Using the tool on the Builderall affiliate page, if you can make 20 sales per year and get 5 affiliates to make 10 sales per year, you can earn a monthly income of $1,661.10. That’s less than 2 sales per month.

If you become a Builderall affiliate and you can make 100 sales per year and get 20 affiliates to make 20 sales per year each, you can earn $11,865 per month. There is a ton of income potential with the Builderall affiliate program.

Earn Bonuses from Builderall
Earn Bonuses from Builderall

Top 8 Benefits of Becoming a Builderall Affiliate

1. A High-Demand Product

You don’t want to become an affiliate for a product you can’t sell. As a Builderall affiliate, you will be selling a high-demand product. Businesses need the help of the tools from Builderall. With more and more businesses realizing they need to be visible online, Builderall is a product in very high demand.

You will be selling a product that businesses need. As a Builderall affiliate, you will be helping others build their SEO profile and get found on Google. This is a win-win for you and for the people you refer to Builderall.

2. It’s a Long-Term Niche

Builderall isn’t something businesses sign up for and stop paying for a few months later. It’s a set of tools that businesses will use for years and years into the future. This is known as a long-term niche.

Business owners and marketers will need to remain online. They will need to be found as long as the internet is available. With Builderall, they can be found much easier and get all the tools they need in one place.

As a Builderall affiliate, you’ll be able to earn commissions for a long time for each customer. This means every single sale pays you monthly, as long as your referrals remain customers.

3. Initial 100% Commission

It’s rare to find an affiliate program willing to give you 100% of the first payment made by your referred customers. The Builderall affiliate program offers this exact commission. You get to earn a higher commission on the original sale from every customer you refer.

This initial commission is a great way to build your income. It allows you to see the earnings as soon as you refer someone to use Builderall for their business.

4. Recurring Commissions Forever

While the initial 100% commission is great, it’s not the only commission you earn. When you refer a customer to Builderall, you will also get 30% recurring monthly commissions for the life of the customer. This is a huge benefit for Builderall affiliates.

Every single customer means you get a monthly income. When you refer someone and they use Builderall, you will earn a monthly income. This can allow you to make a full-time income just by referring people upfront to Builderall.

5. Earn from Your Affiliates

As you refer customers to Builderall, they are automatically approved for the Builderall affiliate program. They can start earning, just like you, every single time they refer a customer to Builderall.

While some of your referrals will likely never refer a sale, some may create an income from the Builderall affiliate program. You get to earn if they refer sales. Every referral from the customers you refer will earn you another 30% monthly commission. This can help you build up your monthly income while doing very little, or no work at all.

6. Flexible Pricing Plans

Unlike some affiliate programs where your referrals will only get one choice, Builderall offers four different pricing plans. They also offer WordPress plans that allow more options for your customers.

With a low monthly price point, it’s easier to get your referrals to sign up with Builderall. Plus, the higher-priced plans offer far more for those in need of more benefits. The initial, low-priced plan is less than $17 per month, which most businesses can easily afford for what they get.

7. You Don’t Have to Do Much Work

Builderall already gives you the tools you need as a Builderall affiliate. You gain access to proven sales funnels and marketing tools. When you join the Builderall affiliate program, you will not be starting from scratch.

Of course, you can use your own tools to help promote Builderall. However, you can also use what they offer to make it even easier to start earning an income as a Builderall affiliate.

8. Earn Bonuses from Builderall

While you get a 100% upfront commission, 30% recurring commissions, and 30% second-tier commissions, you can also earn bonuses. Builderall affiliates can earn a $500 bonus for every 100 active subscribers you bring in through your affiliate and direct sales. This is just another way you can earn with the Builderall affiliate program.

Join the Builderall Affiliate Program
Join the Builderall Affiliate Program

Who is Allowed to Join the Builderall Affiliate Program?

Anybody can join the Builderall affiliate program and become a successful affiliate. You don’t even have to pay anything to join.

There are two options you can choose from to become a Builderall affiliate.

Option #1 – Quick Start

If you’re already a Builderall customer or you want to become one, you will automatically be approved for the Builderall affiliate program. This is a great way to go when you also want to use the tools offered by this incredible digital marketing platform. 

Option #2 – Free

You can become a Builderall solo affiliate without becoming a customer. This is another option for those that don’t want to use the Builderall platform. You will need to apply and get approved, which might take up to 30 days.

Either of these options will allow you to become a Builderall affiliate and start earning a monthly income.

The Builderall affiliate program fits very well for the following people:

  • Internet marketers looking to build their affiliate income
  • Full-time professionals looking to add another income source
  • Business owners trying to increase monthly revenues and use the best digital marketing platform available
  • New marketers looking to start building an income with a high-demand product that’s easy to sell
  • Anybody looking to gain financial freedom

As a Builderall affiliate, you can easily get everything you need to start building your monthly affiliate income


It’s easy to get paid through the Builderall affiliate program. When you earn commissions, you will be able to cash out by using the GET PAID button to withdraw your commissions into a bank account. As a new affiliate, you will need to earn $250 or you will have to wait 35 days before you can cash out your commissions. Once you have earned at least $250 or you have waited the 35 days, you will only need to wait 5 days to cash out.

There are many ways to promote Builderall as an affiliate. You want to figure out what your target market is and use the tools offered by Builderall for digital marketers. Social media, Pay-per-click ads, email marketing, and many other methods have proven to work.

If you use Builderall for your own business, you can show the success it has helped you achieve. This can be done through content on a blog and website to help you gain a better ranking on Google and other search engines.

YES! Whether you’re already using Builderall for your business or you haven’t started yet, becoming a Builderall affiliate is a smart choice. It’s also a good idea to start using Builderall for your business. Even with the cheapest paid plan, you can do more with this digital marketing platform than other options out there.

Even if becoming a Builderall affiliate only allows you to make enough money each month to pay your Builderall monthly fee, it’s worth it. This, alone, would give you access to the best digital marketing platform at no charge!

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Uli Stein

This website is owned and operated by Uli Stein. As a business member, my aim is to help people just like you to maximize their profit with digital marketing using the Builderall marketing platform.

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