​​​​​​​Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall Pricing Plans

​​​​​​​Builderall Pricing Plans: What’s the Top Digital Marketing Platform Cost?

When you’re ready to use the best digital marketing platform, you want to figure out the Builderall pricing plans. This platform will give you a ton of value, but there have been some changes to the Builderall pricing recently.

Now, they offer more pricing plans to choose from and each package offers more benefits. Let’s look at the different plans offered by Builderall, along with the cost and benefits of each.


Builderall Pricing Plans for 2022 & Beyond

Builderall states they believe in underpricing and overdelivering on their website. This is exactly the case as you get so much for what you pay for with this digital marketing platform. Builderall pricing plans are listed below and broken down to make it easier for you to choose.


Cheetah – $16.90 per month

At first glance, you will notice the Cheetah plan is the cheapest plan offered. It allows you to add one domain and three subdomains. You get up to 2,000 subscribers and you will also get 2GB of disk space. This is a great plan for someone just starting out or someone with one smaller website.

This Builderall pricing plan doesn’t offer access to all the tools and templates offered, however. It’s a great choice for those just starting out or just looking for the tools included for promoting one website. You can always upgrade later if you start with this Builderall pricing plan.

​​​​​​​Builderall Pricing Plans
​​​​​​​Builderall Pricing Plans


Marketer – $76.90 per month

When you first look at this Builderall pricing plan, you will notice it’s quite the upgrade from the Cheetah plan. You get three domains, five subdomains, unlimited subscribers, and 5GB of disk space. If you have multiple websites or you need room for more than 2,000 subscribers, this is the right Builderall pricing plan for you.

While you don’t get all the tools and templates with this plan, you do get more domains and subscribers. This is a solid upgrade if you don’t need the additional tools and templates.


Premium – $87.90 per month

A massive upgrade from the lower Builderall pricing plans, the premium plan gives you 15 domains with unlimited subdomains and subscribers. You also get 10GB of disk storage and you gain access to all the tools and templates offered by Builderall.

When you choose this Builderall pricing plan, you also gain access to all the following tools:

  • Funnel simulator and data comparison
  • Builderall video hosting and manager
  • Builderall private chat builder
  • Builderall directory builder
  • Builderall telegram automation app
  • SMS messaging
  • Professional drag & drop chatbot messenger
  • Professional drag & drop chatbot website
  • Builderall unlimited magazine builder
  • Builderall professional e-learning course builder
  • Builderall “right on time” and evergreen webinar builder
  • Webinar built-in call to action
  • Facebook live streaming tool
  • YouTube live streaming tool
  • Professional help desk/support system with chat and ticket
  • Cheetah turbo template
  • Builderall website agency system
  • List import
  • VA access
  • CRM integrated tool
  • Cheetah funnel builder
  • Unlimited WordPress professional installation
  • Passive income with Builderall marketplace commissions
  • Cheetah WordPress drag and drop website builder
  • Website importer
  • Unlimited quiz app
  • Full support and help desk system
  • Aliexpress dropshipping integration
  • Quick start wizards
  • Machine learning dashboard
  • 200 guests meeting video room
  • WhatsApp group automation and launch managing tool

For an extra $10 per month, compared to the premium Builderall pricing plan, you get a ton of value. If you need any of the above tools, this is the right plan for you.


Funnel Club – $87.90 per month + $199 Upfront

The Funnel Club Builderall pricing plan is the exact same as the Premium option, but you gain access to the funnels offered by Builderall. This can be a huge benefit for the right digital marketers and can give you a massive benefit for the cost.

You will get all the additional tools and templates listed under the premium Builderall pricing plan, along with:

  • 30+ messenger chatbot niche funnel
  • 50+ niche funnels to capture leads and sell the digital marketing platform
  • 50+ niche funnels for agencies
  • 20+ niche funnels for list building with a lead magnet
  • 10+ digital product funnels
  • 10+ physical product funnels
  • 10+ Builderall premium funnels
  • 300+ cheetah strategic funnels
  • Weekly new niche funnels
  • Weekly new Cheetah strategic themes

Gaining access to all these funnels and ongoing new funnels and themes gives you plenty of value with this Builderall pricing plan.

All Builderall pricing plans include:

  • Automatic approval as a Builderall affiliate​​​​​​​
  • Cheetah website builder
  • Builderall booking & calendar app
  • Drag’n Drop email marketing automation
  • Professional email marketing platform
  • Responsive email builder
  • Email scarcity timers
  • Super-fast CDN servers
  • Website daily backup
  • DDOS attack prevention
  • Builderall/Cheetah subdomains
  • Unlimited membership areas
  • Blogging apps
  • Super checkout
  • Builderall checkout
  • Auction checkout
  • Mobile page loading accelerator
  • Full SEO​​​​​​​ on-page optimization
  • Free product plus shipping checkout
  • E-commerce checkout
  • Bump sales, up sales, and down sales
  • A/B split testing
  • Page loading accelerator
  • Smart popup
  • Countdown, Evergreen, Fixed date timers
  • SSL certificate
  • Multiple digital marketing training and knowledge base access
  • Website transfer
  • Funnel transfer


No matter which Builderall pricing plan you choose, you will have the best digital marketing platform for your business.


 Uli Stein

Uli Stein

This website is owned and operated by Uli Stein. As a business member, my aim is to help people just like you to maximize their profit with digital marketing using the Builderall marketing platform.

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